Memorizon AB provides Sensorizon, an ambient intelligence system to be used in nursing homes to measure patterns of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. The product is still under development.


  • Detect problems related to sleeping and stress for people with dementia
  • Assessing behavioural change for people with dementia
  • Provide clinical information for the staff members in nursing home to do clinical assessment and to plan clinical interventions
The Sensorizon service helps in:
  • Evaluate the impact of clinical interventions
  • Reduce the stress for both caregivers and residents in the nursing home
  • Improve the quality of care in nursing homes
  • Reduce workload for the staff members and save tremendous cost for municipalities
Sensorizon consists of a wearable wristband, a sleeping sensor, and a clinical user application. The application highlights behavioral problems of people with dementia in nursing homes.

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